Have you ever used the Filters in your eCommerce shop?

Shopping online may be time-consuming and frustrating, especially when the customer confused  for finding  the product. we love traditional shopping because we can find products quickly and touch them. Online stores should create a space that makes the customer feel comfortable and customers can easily access to their desired products. In short, if you want to attract customers to your store, Customers must find what they are looking for in the easiest and fastest way. You can help the customers to find what they want by providing a set of filtering tools.

“Shop filters help  customers to find products faster”
“Vitrine” Filters:

in vitrine theme, customers can filter products by any criteria such as Price range, Categories, Text attributes, Color attributes, Image attributes, Sale, In stock and product Rating. also, Vitrine theme gives you the chance of choosing among label, list, color options, images and drop-down to display the filter criteria.

One of the salient features of the vitrine theme is AJAX functionality of Filters. It helps shoppers to find products in your WooCommerce shop easily and quickly without any page reload!

On the following sections we try to show Some filters that you can use in your shop:


1- TopBar Category Filter

2- SideBar Category Filter

3- SideBar Category Filter

Color (Attributes) :
Images (Attributes) :

Text(Attribute) :


In stock products and Sale products:

Up until this section, we realized that Filters how simple and important to shop. Now, we want to say about the type of filters area in vitrine theme.

Sort by:

Up until this section, we realized that Filters how simple and important to shop. Now, we want to say about the type of filters area in vitrine theme.

Vitrine Filter areas

in vitrine theme, we have 3 Widget areas for Filters.

  • TopBar
  • Left Sidebar
  • Right Sidebar

This area, As the name implies, it is located at the top of the shop page. You can show all product filters in a toggle style area that Customers can easily open filter toggle menu and customize the products that want, without reloading shop page. This is the best choice for those shoppers who want all filter tools and do not want these filters to occupy much space on the shopping page.

See http://epicomedia.com/vitrine/shop-with-topbar-filter/

Left Sidebar Filter

In this section, you can see all Filter widgets on the left Side of the page, customers can see the filtered result without any page scrolling.  If you think that you want a Filter widget that users be comfortable and customize their own specific products without any scroll, I suggested you use a left/right sidebar, because during filtering also the changes are seen.

See  http://epicomedia.com/vitrine-demo2/shop/

Right Sidebar Filter

Just like “Left Sidebar Filter”, the only difference is that they are not on the same place. It’s a good choice for RTL sites to use filter widgets in the right side of shop page.

See http://epicomedia.com/vitrine-demo4/shop/


Filtering helps your customers to find what they want easily and fast. Vitrine Theme Provides various filtering widgets that we review them in this post. in vitrine theme, each filter criteria is easy to customize Beyond this user have the ability to create filter combinations! This feature allows shoppers to have multiple selections which help refine the product search results. It does not matter what your store size is, a small store with some products or a large store with hundred or thousand products. You should help your customers to easily find the product they need. Products filtering tools are the best help for your customers. The vitrine theme considers a collection of filters with a set of locations for display filters, to create a powerful store.