In fact, to get to the right answer, we need to know the features of what constitutes an appropriate plan. We know that customers like to touch and feel the products they want to buy, so For online sales, we must create an environment where customers feel comfortable and be encouraged to buy more than once.

Depending on the type of products you sell, you’ll want to learn its functionality and begin setting up your important pages, including your product and category pages, home page, content pages and more. Keep in mind that you’ll want to consider branding and design every step of the way—these are important elements to the success of any e-commerce site. For example, a decor store can show its identity and help the customer to attract by buying products and also, can easily have a quick access to the special product. many factors like Color, Brightness, Layout etc makes customers feel confident in their purchases.

The online Store indicates that who you are, and so it has to be perfect, therefore stay with us to knowing features in web and pay attention to below factors:

Login/Registration Button

This is one of the important tools on e-commerce home pages. Show a login/registration link clearly in the header without any cost and trouble. You can collect some informations about your customers. You can gain the customer’s trust by providing user areas.



if you want to find your specific product in a shop, where to start? surely search can be the best option.

Experience has shown that search tool is a very important and valuable for customers. so, a good shop should give a Convenient search tool for the users to find their specific product in the easiest and fastest way

Navigation menu

You need the menu to allow visitors easily find what they’re looking for because If they can’t find a product, do not buy it. So menu plays a big role in the ecommerce sites. In other words, the menu should provide easy access to important parts such as shopping cart, wishlist, categories, search.


having a good blog with appropriate articles cause higher rank in search engines. When you have a blog page, you can increase the number of visitors. More site traffic will lead to higher purchase rate from your store. Can you publish a new article about your products, your future work, and anything about your job one or two a week? This way helps you to describe your brand. In addition, allows customers to express their opinions about your store. So keep in mind that Always have an updated Blog.

What to publish:
  • personal experiences/opinions, so your customers get to know your business
  • Recommended products
  • Contests
  • your store history
  • Offers for Special Member.
  • Events and happenings in your job field.
  • New Product Introduction.
The First Impression

First impressions can be for many years in the minds of customers. The first impression of the store can convert a visitor to a real customer. So using(Use) The best design And templates to create the unique shopping experience for your customers.

Therefore, note that the main page is the most important page in comparison with other pages, one need to be very careful with this page.

Image or Slider with Overlayed Call to Action and Button

Using the slider under the header, to show your popular product and button to click on it and go to the product category. The slide show can help you to offer your top products from different categories. Putting four or five slides in the slider is usually sufficient.


Access to the important categories of the site is one of the components that can lead the user directly to purchase the desired Categories with clear images can play an important role in the user’s purchase decision.

Collections of Filterable Items with Product Selection Tools

Top rated E-Commerce shops provide tools for convenience and users quick access to desired product. Using tools like Search, Filters, Categories are too important and help customers to find products faster and more accurate.

Email Marketing Subscription Form

Collecting emails for sending out future promotions, newsletters and the notice of Sales is one of the easiest and cheapest ways to attract and retain the customer and keep them in the loop.

Showing Credibility and Customer Satisfaction

Many buyers when purchase a product, pay attention to comments about the product and most of them according to the comments make decision to purchase. In addition, as a supplier, you should always know comments of users, that users and customers are satisfied? Don’t forget to Read views of what customers say about your products.

Use Social Media

Social media is a powerful tool in e-commerce sites.  all businesses need to advertise and introduce themselves in the best way by social media. Using Instagram, Facebook, Twitter is too important to show your Brand and story of it and also to be left in market.

The Footer

Most customers do not like scrolling a page, however, having some quick links in the footer is necessary. Items like Contact us, FAQ link, Social Buttons, Privacy Policy link, Shipping info link are important for the footer.


Generating an effective E-Commerce homepage hierarchy is an art. You can convert potential customers into a repeat customer by making the buying process enjoyable for them. besides the beautiful and convenient appearance, a shop should have elements that help the users in the buying process and provide the best user experience for him. Elements such as Categories, Filters, Menu, Search etc. will help the users to feel comfortable in the purchasing process. In addition, you also need some tools such as newsletter and social medias to keep customers loyal and provide better service for them.

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