My question has not been answered for 3 days ( or more ), whats happening?
We are sincerely sorry. We take great care to make sure that we respond to all questions within 1 business day. We do business from Monday-Friday. Support requests raised on Friday evening (as in Perth time) are most likely to be answered on Monday. If your questions are not answered for more than 3 days, please check your spam emails and do let us know from the comments form with your ticket number ( all emails sent via support tab will go to a ticketing system which a lots a ticket number, if you don’t have it then it means we did not receive your request ).
Can I use single theme license for two websites?
According to ThemeForest, you have two licensing options. The Regular License, and the Extended License. All these licensing terms are purely handled by Envato (the company who owns ThemeForest), and we have no control over these aspects. To learn more about what each License is for and which one to purchase, please check this link.
My website is slow! Can you help?
The theme has been coded for best practices for speed. There are lots of factors that influence the speed of a website. Hosting configuration, plugins installed, theme, the actual content, etc. VITRINE homepages generate lots of content( more than 100 products ) in its home pages. Some queries like top rated products, bestseller products take more time to generate ( because calculations need to be performed ). Some servers are slow because they share their resources. Some plugins slow down your website. Sometimes Shop Sidebar and filter widgets due to incorrect configuration run into infinite loops. So there are lots of reasons other than just the theme. If you reach our support with your FTP and WP admin details, we’ll analyze what is causing your website to slow and make suggestions.
Additionally, you can enable gzip compression, It has a great effect on the website speed. check out the following link for more information:
How can I update the theme automatically?
Actually, It is just too easy. All you need to do is activating the Envato WordPress toolkit. The plugin can be found in VITRINE require plugins. It lets you update our theme automatically.
How do I activate the child theme?
The VITRINE child theme can be found in the vitrine package (the package that you have downloaded through your Envato profile). You just need to upload the in your Dashboard> Appearance> Themes, And activate it then
Where can I find the code activation for Slider Revolution and Composer?
You don’t need to use code activation, We have purchased the extended license of the plugins, So, our clients are able to use them without code activation.
Just install and activate plugins ( through your Dashboard> Appearance> Install Plugins) after activating VITRINE.
As a client, Should I activate the license of the premium plugins like visual composer?
you don't need to activate the license for any of Vitrine plugins yourself.
As an author, We should buy an extended license for plugins, so our client won’t need to activate plugins by the use of their purchase ID.
Additionally, to have the latest version of plugins, we will submit an update to the theme and you need to download that. All that you need to do is activating the plugins through your dashboard.
I have installed VITRINE demo but for any reason, I cannot see images. How could I solve this?
Actually, We cannot let you import the demos with images because of license issues. We have bought this photos and for your website, you have to use your own images. However, We can share you the image source for buying them.
How can I enable the filter system on shop pages?
To enable the VITRINE “woocommerce filter”:
1.Go to Appearance> Theme Settings> Woocommerce
2. Find “SHOP FILTER” section and switch it to “enabled”
And for adding some filters in the VITRINE filter”:
1.Go to Appearance> Widgets
2.Add your favorite Filter Widgets in the ``Woocommerce Filter``
On the single product page, my product image seems to have a limit to 200px (Or other sizes), which caused it to be blurry. However, when I hover my mouse to zoom in, it looks perfectly fine. Is there any way to fix this?
For fixing this problem,
1.please go to dashboard> Woocommerce> Settings> on “Products” tab then.
3.After that, click on “Display” item.
4.You can choose a perfect size for your product image there.
5.After that, download Regenerate Plugin through the following link, and try to regenerate your images with that.
I set up a contact form on this page but am unable to submit the form!
We have added a text file called ``contact form 7`` in our package. you can find our ``contact form`` style there. please use that code in for your contact form.