Vitrine changelogs


VITRINE Changelogs

07/04/2020 – Version 5.2.4
1. FIXED: Compatibility check with WooCommerce 4.1.0
2. UPDATED: Updated plugins to the latest version.

07/04/2020 – Version 5.2.3
1. FIXED: Compatibility check with WooCommerce 4.0
1. Changed: Helpcenter Link to
3. UPDATED: Updated plugins to the latest version.

30/01/2020 – Version 5.2.2
1. FIXED: Compatibility check with WooCommerce 3.9

12/18/2019 – Version 5.2.1
1. FIXED: Compatibility check with YITH WooCommerce Wishlist 3.0.3
2. IMPROVED: Instagram element functionality
3. UPDATED: Updated plugins to the latest version.

11/28/2019  version 5.1
1. FIXED: Compatibility check with min max plugin
2. IMPROVED: Add to cart Button Functionality
3. IMPROVED: instagram in product detail functionality
4. IMPROVED: Upsell, related products Functionality

11/10/2019  version 5
1. Updated plugins to the latest version.
2. FIXED: Compatibility check with WooCommerce 3.8
3. FIXED: maintenance page
4. FIXED: Minor CSS bugs.

08/31/2019  version 4.9
1. ADDED: Add Scrollbar to tabs responsive.
2. ADDED: Add bg image position to banner.
3. IMPROVED: Update revslider demos in responsive.
4. IMPROVED: Popup newsletter color and bg color.
5. IMPROVED: Buttons color on Epico Slider.
6. IMPROVED: Improved animation.
7. IMPROVED: Instagram functionality.
8. FIXED: Compabilty check with WooCommerce 3.7.
9. FIXED: “Product and categories widget Areas” option in theme Setting not work.
10. FIXED: widget search box style.
11. FIXED: Minor CSS bugs.
12. FIXED: Search By SKU.
13. UPDATED: Updated plugins to the latest version.

07/17/2019 version 4.8.2
1.  FIXED: AJAX Search With SKU
2.  UPDATED: Plugins are updated to the latest version

07/09/2019 version 4.8
1.  FIXED: Woocomerce product page shortcode
2.  UPDATED: Plugins are updated to the latest version

06/10/2019 version 4.7
1. FIXED: On sale products bug in shortcodes and widget
2. FIXED: Compatibility with Woocomerce version 3.6.4

08/05/2019 version 4.6.2
Bug Fixed: Category page header

22/04/2019 version 4.6.1
1. FIXED: Compatibility with Woocomerce version 3.6.1

21/04/2019 version 4.6
1. FIXED: Compatibility with Woocomerce version 3.6
2. FIXED: Minor CSS bugs

07/04/2019 version 4.5
1. Fixed: Latest Chrome Scroll bug
2. Fixed:  Vitrine Deprecated Functions ( Compatible with PHP Version 7.3 )

10/03/2019 version 4.4
1. IMPROVED: Shop pagination type functionality infinite scroll and load more button.
2. Fixed: Search result image.
3. Removed: Custom Google Map Style ( use WPbakery map element )
4. FIXED: Minor CSS bugs

27/02/2019 version 4.3
1. FIXED: Compatibility with Woocomerce version 3.5.4
2. UPDATED: Updated plugin to the latest version.

19/12/2018 version 4.2
1. IMPROVED: Advanced live Ajax search functionality
2. FIXED: Compatibility check with  wooCommerce version 3.5.2
3.  Updated: WPBakery Page Builder 5.6

20/11/2018 version 4.1
1. ADDED: Infinite scrolling for the shop page
2. ADDED: load more button for the shop page
3. ADDED: Advanced Live Ajax Search
4. FIXED: Hide empty category option
5. FIXED: Saving Product attribute on the image type
6. FIXED: Product feature image when has only featured image
7. FIXED: Variation name bug when attribute type is image

05/11/2018 version 4.0.5
1. ADDED: Add the Bulgarian Language
2. FIXED: Compatibility with Woocomerce version 3.5.1
3. FIXED: Best Selling shortcode doesn’t sort products by their sale rate
4.FIXED: Social icon display on the top bar

10/27/2018 version 4
1. ADDED: New style for category ( 2 columns in mobile devices )
2. ADDED: Demo wedding
3. FIXED: Compatibility check with wooCommerce 3.5

10/4/2018 – Version 3.9.8
1.  Fixed: Footer widget area when the child theme has been activated
2. Fixed: Dark and light style currency switcher

9/25/2018 – Version 3.9.6
1. ADDED: Demo Food
2. ADDED: Enable/Disable option for the thumbnails in Gallery element
3. ADDED: Option in theme setting for changing cart icons.
4. ADDED: Pop-up Newsletter option  in theme setting
5. ADDED: Pop-Up Newsletter in some demos Dummy data.
6. ADDED: Option in theme setting for Hidden Empty Category in shop Filter
7. IMPROVED: check the footer widget area style when Visual Composer is deactivate
8. FIXED: Compatibility check with  wooCommerce currency switcher
9. FIXED: Drop Down Variation overlap issue.
10. FIXED: Minor CSS bugs
11.  UPDATED: Plugins are updated to the latest version.
12.  IMPROVED: Maintenance mode functionality

8/26/2018 – Version 3.8
1. ADDED: Demo “Marketplace 2” added.
2. ADDED: German translations file.
3. ADDED: French translations file.
4. ADDED: Spanish translations file.
5. ADDED: Polish translations file.
6. ADDED: Spanish of Peru translations file.
7. ADDED: Spanish Of Mexico translations file.
8. ADDED: Option in theme setting to enable/disable Retina Ready.
9. IMPROVED: Enable Scroll Bar in Variation list.
10. FIXED: Zoom doesn’t work properly in a simple product with a feature image.
11. FIXED: On sale filter widget and in stock filter widget.
12. FIXED: Search widget  button
13. FIXED: Hide price in shop page when “hide price in catalog mode” option is enabled
14. FIXED: Newsletter label style

8/9/2018 – Version 3.7
1. ADDED: Demo marketplace added.
2. ADDED: Italian translations file.
3. FIXED: Showing variation name instead of variation slug in variable products.

8/8/2018 – Version 3.6.1
1.FIXED: return back to previous functionality “Child theme inherits parent theme settings.”

8/7/2018 – Version 3.6
1. ADDED: Demo organic added.
2. ADDED: “Category description position” option in theme setting.
3. FIXED: Child theme inherits parent theme settings.
4. FIXED: Border color option in button element.
5. FIXED: “Percentage sale” badge in variation products.
6.UPDATED: Portuguese translations file

7/31/2018 – Version 3.4.3
1. FIXED: Size Guide pop up version 2.7
2. FIXED: Language switcher hover
3. FIXED: Catalog mode show and hide price in catalog mode
4. FIXED: Percentage sale (simple product)
5. Updated: WPBakery Page Builder 5.5.2
6. Updated: Slider Revolution 5.4.8

7/24/2018 – Version 3.4.1
1. ADDED: Instagram hashtag in the product detail
2. ADDED: Container/Full-Width option for footer widget bar in theme setting
3. ADDED: Option “in a row”/”in separate rows” for the button element
4. ADDED: Font-family option for the “textbox”, “imagebox” and banner elements
5. ADDED: Product Tags option in Woocomerce elements (recent product, feature product, best selling, Top Rated )
6. ADDED: Portuguese translations file
7. IMPROVED: Option for SHOW/HIDE Price in catalog mode
8. IMPROVED: Language Switcher in topbar code and compatibility check with WPML
9. FIXED: Placeholder for Username field in My Account page
10. FIXED: “Image Carousel” element in Resize
11. FIXED: Custom Font in the footer widget

6/27/2018 – Version 3.3.6
1. ADDED: Dummy data demo Kids
2. FIXED: Woocommerce search widget button.
3. UPDATED: Updated plugin to the latest version. ( Visual Composer Version 5.5.1 )
4- FIXED: Size Guide version 2.7 Compatibility check

6/21/2018 – Version 3.3
1. FIXED: Best selling product element
2. FIXED: Size guide plugin slug in Plugin handler
3. FIXED: change HTTP protocol to HTTPS protocol in the Facebook widget
4.UPDATED: POT file (“share” in social share section)
5. FIXED: Portfolio inner
6. Updated: Updated plugins to the latest version.

6/19/2018 – Version 3.2
1. ADDED: Alignment option for countdown element
2. FIXED: Testimonial columns in browser resize.
3. Updated: Updated plugins to the latest version. (Woozone, Size Guide)

6/6/2018 – Version 3.1
1. IMPROVED: Add category field for Wocommerce element
2. IMPROVED: Dummy data Updated ( demo19, demo26, demo35)
3. Fixed: Compatibility check with Woocommerce Version 3.4.2
4. Fixed: Responsive check – Testimonial Style 1
5. Fixed: Responsive menu (Horizontal iPad Pro)
6. Fixed: Registration on the checkout page

5/26/2018 – Version 3.0
1.  ADDED: Option for enabling/disabling product navigation.
2.  ADDED: Option for enabling/disabling product gallery autoplay in product detail pages.
3.  ADDED: Option for full-width / container related product in product detail pages.
4.  ADDED: Option for enabling/ disable breadcrumb in product detail pages.
5. IMPROVED: Compatibility check with Woocommerce Version 3.4
6. IMPROVED: “Envato toolkit” plugin has been removed ( deprecated ) and “Envato Market” plugin has been added.
7. Updated: plugins updated to the latest version.

5/23/2018 – Version 2.9.5
1. Added: Dummy data demo electronic (single product)
2. Added: Option in theme setting for mobile menu style ( dark / light )
3. IMPROVED: Social share buttons code.
4. IMPROVED: Compatibility With Dokan MultiVendors Plugin .
5. FIXED: Video widget size after closing video full screen mode
6. Updated: Plugins updated to the latest version.
7. FIXED: Minor CSS bugs

5/08/2018 – Version 2.9
1- ADDED: Dummy data demo furniture-3
2- ADDED: Option to Enable/Disable Ajax in shop pagination.
3- ADDED: Option in theme setting for choosing 1column / 2columns for the shop in mobile devices.
4- UPDATED: POT file (“back” in vertical menu).
5- UPDATED: Plugins are updated to the latest version.

4/23/2018 – Version 2.8.5
1. ADDED: New Help Center has launched
2. ADDED: “Custom Tab” Plugin in plugin handler
3. IMPROVED: All demos dummy data ( better performance rate ) and better layout.
4. FIXED: Hide WooComerce login form when WooComerce is deactivated.

4/16/2018 – Version 2.8
1. FIXED: “Instagram has returned invalid data.”
2. FIXED: Ajax Search not work when “Ajax between page” option is active
3. IMPROVED: Add Enable / Disable Option For Social share button
4. IMPROVED: Expand and show children of selected category in Category Widget
5. IMPROVED: “Custom Font” option added in “title element”
6. Updated: plugins updated to the latest version.
7. FIXED: Minor CSS bugs

3/18/2018 – Version 2.7
1. Added: Dummy data demo 19 (clothes)
2. FIXED: “Cropped image size” issue in the Instagram element.
3. FIXED: the Clickable issue for submenu toggle Sidebar.
4. IMPROVED: Woocomerce widgets scaled image issue (improve speed performance)
5. IMPROVED: Add “image size option” for “image Carousel” (improve speed performance)
6. Updated: Visual Composer updated to the latest version.
7. FIXED: Minor CSS bugs

3/5/2018 – Version 2.6
1. FIXED: Compatibility check with WooCommerce 3.3.3
2. Updated: Revolution Slider updated to the latest version.
3. IMPROVED: Visible Fixed add to cart in mobile and tablet devices
4. FIXED: “Pie chart” dot position issue
5. FIXED: Hide gallery icon In product page without gallery images
6. FIXED: Minor CSS bugs

2/21/2018 – Version 2.5
1. Added: Dummy data demo furniture 2
2. Added: Share with email added to socials share
3. Added: Testimonial cart style is added
4. Added: Enable/Disable option for showing footer widgets in category pages
5. Fixed: Tab – when changing tabs quickly
2. Fixed: Portfolio load more button styles in the tab.
2. Fixed: Dropdown login – show error message when login is failed
2. Fixed: Hide empty categories in shop header
2. Fixed: Category pages top space when using AJAX requests
2. Fixed: Responsive – scrolling issue in product details in touch devices
2. Fixed: translation – “countdown” element text
5. Updated: plugins are updated to the latest version.
3. Updated: language file (POT)

1/24/2018 – Version 2.3
1. FIXED: Compatibility check with WooCommerce 3.3.1
2. FIXED: Cookie law in some server
3. FIXED: Mobile menu Navigation error when a menu has not Set.
4. FIXED: remove duplicated id ( search form)
5. IMPROVED: Tab (icon option and new tab style have been added)
6. IMPROVED: Alignment option for “video pop-up element” has been added.
7. FIXED: Minor CSS bugs

1/24/2017 – Version 2.1
1. Added: Carousel Gallery element (lookbook)
2. Added: Mobile Navigation Menu
3. Improved: Bread Crumb (showing in the page header)
5. UPDATED: Revolution slider plugin updated to the latest version.
6. Update modernizer library : add addTest() extension
7. Update ep-core and ep-shortcode plugins
8. FIXED: DOKAN plugin – Product Visibility in vendor page
9. FIXED: Cross Sale style
10. FIXED: Drop down filter style after shop ajax load
11. FIXED: Change substr() with mb_substr()
12. FIXED: epico slider button URL
13. FIXED: Minor CSS bugs

1/07/2018 – Version 2.0
1. Added: Dummy data demo Electronic
2. Fixed: SWIPER Carousel click issue in chrome and windows 8.1 and windows10
3. RTL: minor CSS fixes

1/02/2018 – Version 1.9.6
1. Added: Option to Enable/Disable Variation title in the product detail
2. Added: Option to Enable/Disable footer widget in product details
3. IMPROVEMENT: “Product Tags” widget, Add “Show more” Button
4. IMPROVEMENT: Cart page and Check out page responsive styles
5. Fixed: Replace Deprecated Function : ship_to_billing_address_only()
6. Fixed: Order processing loader is in the wrong position
7. Fixed: Modern Single Product ( Undefined variable Error )
8. RTL: minor CSS fixes

12/27/2017 – Version 1.9.1
1. ADDED: Dummy data demo Jewelry
2. ADDED: More column layouts for footer widget
3. IMPROVED: Header Search – Add select option in theme setting for search on posts or search on products
4. IMPROVED: Enable Carousel for Upsales ( for showing more items in a row )
5. IMPROVED: Option in theme setting to Enable/Disable Carousel on Related Products
6. IMPROVED: better responsive styles for products in mobile devices
7. FIXED: Compatibility with YITH WooCommerce Brands Add-On

12/10/2017 – Version 1.8.4
1. ADDED: Maintenance option in theme setting
2. IMPROVED: Catalog Mode ( Show Variations in variation product )
3. IMPROVED: Compatibility Check with Dokan Plugin
4. UPDATED: Plugins updated to the latest version.
5. FIXED: WC layered NAV widget (drop down select)
6. FIXED: Minor CSS bugs

11/23/2017 – Version 1.8
1. ADDED: Dummy data demo Party Christmas ( One Page and Vertical )

11/20/2017 – Version 1.7.5
1. FIXED: Color picker (Support for WordPress 4.9)

11/18/2017 – Version 1.7.5
1. ADDED: Dummy data demo Christmas
2. ADDED: Dummy data demo Cosmetic
3. ADDED: Cookie law info popup
4. UPDATED: Plugins updated to the latest version.
5. IMPROVED: Product Details: multi-row styles for compare and wishlist buttons (option in theme setting)
6. IMPROVED: Instagram Element – Add “cropped medium” and “cropped full-size” image size
7. FIXED: Instagram element – image hover
8. FIXED: Update Cart in variation products ( quick view, product, and product details )
9. FIXED: Minor CSS bugs

11/01/2017 – Version 1.7
1. ADDED: Dummy data demo Gym
2. ADDED: WooCommerce Amazon Affiliates(comes bundled with Vitrine theme)
3. IMPROVED: Category header improvement – update header in ajax requests of the shop
4. IMPROVED: Inherit font of the header from title font
5. IMPROVED: Login popup
6. IMPROVED: badge size based on the text width
7. IMPROVED: Product Details Social Share (Enable/Disable option)
8. IMPROVED: Dummy data importer – Process custom-html-widget
9. RTL: product detail image and content position
10. RTL: menu position in style9
11. RTL: Product detail buttons of the wishlist, compare
12. RTL: Child Theme
13. RTL: minor CSS bugs
14. UPDATED: Visual composer & Size Guide plugin updated to the latest version.
15. UPDATED: language file (POT)
16. UPDATED: Add Shop for dummy data demo RTL(Travel)
17. UPDATED: Dummy data Demo 29 (Performance improved)
18. FIXED: Compatibility with WooCommerce Amazon Affiliates
19. FIXED: Remove deprecated function (WC_Cart:: get_checkout )
20. FIXED: Woocommerce Feature product element
21. FIXED: initialize theme-settings always, not based on changing theme version
22. FIXED: Compare close button
23. FIXED: Attribute image type can’t be selected
24. FIXED: Minor CSS bugs

10/16/2017 – Version 1.6.4
1. IMPROVED: Account drop-down menu in top-bar
2. IMPROVED: Account page style
3. IMPROVED: Add toggle capability to “Woocommerce product categories” widget

10/14/2017 – Version 1.6.3
1. Compatibility with WooCommerce 3.2.0
2. IMPROVED: Product title link to product detail.
3. IMPROVED: Affiliate product title link in shop page
4. IMPROVED: “Instant shop” style in responsive – show price all the time.
5. IMPROVED: Add close button for “cart bar” and “toggle widget bar” in desktop
6. IMPROVED: Archive, post category, tag pages style inherit the Classic blog style
7. ADDED: Disable/Enable autoplay option for image Carousel
8. FIXED: Deactivate “wp-core” and “vitrine-shortcodes” plugins when vitrine theme deactivated.
9. FIXED: Add WC notices to WC elements
10. FIXED: “woocommerce add to cart button” element style check
11. FIXED: Minor CSS bugs

10/04/2017 – Version 1.6.1
1. FIXED: Updating category does not keep header image
2. FIXED: Category color in header did not work due to mistakenly

10/02/2017 – Version 1.6
1. ADDED: Dummy data demo beauty
2. ADDED: Enable/Disable “category description” option For “product categories” element.
3. ADDED: Boxed/container option for TOPBAR in theme setting.
4. ADDED: Close button to desktop cart and toggle sidebar.
5. ADDED: Option to disable/enable showing subcategories in categories of filter bar in theme setting.
6. ADDED: Image background header option for categories pages
7. IMPROVED: new option to Pages & Woocommerce categories ( header,”top-space”,”without top-space”)
8. IMPROVED: Support display option of Woocommerce when display mode on both (“show categories and products” and “show subcategories & products”)
9. FIXED: Fitrow style of the shop.
10. FIXED: Compatibility with “Dokan Multivendor Marketplace” plugin.
11. FIXED: Compatibility with “AliDropship- AliExpress Dropshipping” plugin.
12. FIXED: Woocommerce Importer and increase demo import Speed.
13. FIXED: Theme setting options do not save in developing time.
14. FIXED: Load default size images for product gallery and product variation When Users don’t set default height and width size In Woocommerce Setting.
15. UPDATED: Visual composer plugin updated to the latest version.
16. UPDATED: Revolution slider plugin updated to the latest version.
17. FIXED: Minor CSS bugs

9/17/2017 – Version 1.5
1. ADDED: Dummy data demo blog (magazine)
2. IMPROVED: WC notice mechanism change
3. FIXED: Show version of parent theme in the child theme to initialize theme settings when the theme is updated
4. FIXED: Add-to-cart without Ajax
5. FIXED: Custom class name for menu items
6. FIXED: Minor CSS fixes

9/04/2017 – Version 1.4.8
1. ADDED: Product detail popup gallery.
2. ADDED: Coming soon page ( fullwidth and split styles ).
3. ADDED: Icon option to the first level of the menu.
4. FIXED: Sale badges in product detail classic.
5. FIXED: Synch product detail sliders.
6. FIXED: Minor CSS bugs.
7. Compatibility with WooCommerce 3.1.2
8. IMPROVED: Submenu toggle clicks in the responsive menu.
9. IMPROVED: Product title in quick view link to the product detail.

8/26/2017 – Version 1.4.5
1. ADDED: Product detail with widget sidebar.
2. ADDED: Add option for show/hide product detail sidebar (responsive)
3. ADDED: Options of responsive margin/padding to row.
4. ADDED: Options of responsive margin/padding to “Empty Space”.
5. ADDED: Option to elements to disable/enable animations in responsive.
6. FIXED: Facebook and Google plus social share.
7. FIXED: Account page login issue in some hosts.
8. FIXED: Vertical menu – footer was hidden in responsive.
9. FIXED: QuickView js error in product details.
10. FIXED: Enable filter bar in responsive when “top bar filter” is disabled and there is shop sidebar.
11. FIXED: “fixed add to cart” button issue with some translate plugins

8/19/2017 – Version 1.4
1. ADDED: WooCommerce Product Size Guide plugin
2. ADDED: Custom Product Tabs for WooCommerce plugin compatibility
3. ADDED: Countdown element
4. ADDED: Option to show sale price percentage
5. ADDED: badges for info on click style
6. FIXED: Add Shop content and footer to the tags page
7. FIXED: Add Shop content and footer to the categories page
8. FIXED: Social share popup in product details
9. FIXED: Upload issue in the menu – admin panel
10. FIXED: Deleting language and language URL in the top bar
11. FIXED: Extra line on related products (Product info-on-hover style)
12. FIXED: “in stock” and “on sale” of active filter widget
13. FIXED: Extra top padding of breadcrumb in product detail height
14. IMPROVED: Performance of djax request
15. IMPROVED: Ajax performance of main shop page (pagination, filters, categories)

8/12/2017 – Version 1.3.1
1. UPDATED: Visual composer plugin updated to the latest version.
2. FIXED: Force add-to-cart button works just in the product detail

8/7/2017 – Version 1.3
1. ADDED: option of dark/light for tab
2. ADDED: Option for enable/disable related products
3. ADDED: Dummy data demo medical(catalog mode)
4. ADDED: Dummy data demo Travl(RTL)
5. ADDED: Dummy data demo furniture
6. ADDED: Dummy data demo wine
7. FIXED: Cart close button in mobiles does not work
8. FIXED: Minor CSS fixes

8/3/2017 – Version 1.2
1. ADDED: “extra class name” option in the product detail
2. ADDED: images size option for Card Blog
3. FIXED: Wishlist button position in mobile devices
4. FIXED: Facebook social icon in the vertical menu
5. FIXED: Google map does not work by default
6. FIXED: Vertical demo in small desktops

7/31/2017 – Version 1.1
1. ADDED: Catalog mode added
2. ADDED: Dummy data demo portfolio
3. ADDED: Dummy data demo photography
4. ADDED: Dummy data demo portfolio inner
5. FIXED: RTL CSS bugs
6. FIXED: loading Google fonts some servers bug fixed
7. FIXED: Ajax add to cart for variable and grouped products issue on displaying subtotal, checkout and cart page for the first time.
8. FIXED: Header elements Position in the responsive device if a user is logged in to WordPress dashboard

7/25/2017 – Version 1.0.2
1. bug fixed: upload image issue in some servers.
2. bug fixed: Demo importer endless loop issue in some servers.
3. Bug Fixed: Minor CSS fixes.

7/4/2017 – Version 1.0