Fast-Track Your Trendy hairstyles ,, Click Here 2016 is all about long wavy hair with a transparent color from black to grey or blond. In general light hair color is what looks fashionable. The cut is simple and includes texture to make hair look fuller... How To Become Better With fashion color In 10 Minutes ,, Click Here Vintage looking photos has captured many ones attention in recent years, photographers has even put their foot further and included vintage looking items in their photo shoots. In critique of fashion trends and social stratification ,, Click Here Male models usually benefit from sporty body and are usually topless to show off all that assets.females don't look that thin and even curvy models are too popular in this section.
Magazine of the year Remarkable magazine of 2017
Selected magazine as a remarkable magazine of 2017 in global magazine awards. In 2012, the brand made two significant efforts to expand their online presence. In March, fopix announced a content partnership with epic that included sharing behind-the-scenes news, videos and photo galleries.The eventual winners of the contest were given a year-long blog on the website and were also awarded other prizes


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